Are you a LFMTE Traffic Exchange owner?

Do you want to add some awesome custom mods and give a touch of class to your site?


We've made some mods for LFMTE script that surely call your attention and also the attention of your members.


TWe have a wide collection of games for your Traffic Exchange. With our games you will get on your site, that your members have some fun while they surf to get traffic credits.

SurfBar Icons

Our collection of SurfBar Icons of high quality will give a touch of distinction to your site. We also make customized icons related to the theme of your site. Ask us for a budget without commitment.

In the members area we have detailed information.

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** What Our Customers Think **

JC TEMOD - Has really awesome mods/plug-ins. The self-installers are really easy to use and you can have your mod/pug-in installed and set-up in just minutes. I highly recommend JC TEMOD to other owners. Jose is also very friendly and easy to reach when you need help or just have some questions.

Jamie Hargrave

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